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My heart beats for creating lasting experiences

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Out of fascination & love for organization

In retrospect, it was probably the logical consequence, or rather, and I can actually say that without exaggeration: The best decision. After twenty years in the service sector (customer advice in banks, financial services companies and local organisations), I gathered all my courage and turned my hobby into a job: organizing and planning events and festivals. This step was more than 10 years ago and it still fills me with joy.

Just the many tears from touched bridal couples and guests, the beaming faces and the infinitely beautiful moments that I was able to witness inspire like no other event.

My greatest endeavor is that my customers experience stress-free, unique & unforgettable moments. I accompany them before, during and after the event. I take care of the overall organization or parts of it. Either way – I listen, advise and am there whenever you wish.

It gives me great pleasure when people from all over the world come to us in Salzburgerland to celebrate here or to tie the knot for life. Especially in this situation, one is happy to have a trustworthy contact person who is also happy to give tips on the side.

I always like to refer to “my” motto:

“It has to come from the heart what should have an effect on the heart.” – (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

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    Frequently asked questions – FAQ’s

    If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, we’ll be happy to help you personally.

    Every event has a special purpose – whether it’s a company event, private celebration or wedding. Dealing with this is the core competence of the event manager. It is important to consider a lot of details and all the little things. From conception & organization to execution & reflection. We – as event managers – have the experience for this. And we can advise you on all aspects of the event (see AZ), choose cooperation partners with you and negotiate with these terms and conditions.

    You don’t have to think about the details yourself – we will give you ideas and suggestions.

    You do not have to spend your valuable time researching and negotiating – we have the appropriate network (regional, national and international) and the negotiating skills for this – so you are free to focus on your actual work. We – as wedding & event planners – have the experience for this. And we can advise you on all aspects of the event (see AZ), choose cooperation partners with you and negotiate with these terms and conditions.

    You can look forward to your wedding calmly and relaxed, always knowing that everything will work out and be implemented in your life. You can enjoy both the preparation and organization phase as well as your party itself and the “after”!

    With us you have a partner who weighs up all eventualities, prevents any “problems” as best as possible, does not allow them to arise and, most importantly, guarantees the goal of your event.

    The costs are of course based on your budget. If you have not yet thought about the costs, we would be happy to work out a budget together with you. The costs for the event management are based on the corresponding effort and are discussed in detail in advance so that there are no surprises later. But you have definitely won !!!! – You save time, stress and money! All topics that you can use much more effectively – privately or in business.

    Almost the best question – because because we are the “best”: no, without overconfidence – we actually have a lot of experience, really know what is important and what to look out for, have already experienced a lot – know the area, their companies & our cooperation partners like the back of our hand and very important to you – we treat your wedding or celebration with care.

    For us it is actually the most beautiful thing to accompany a wedding or event from the beginning to the end: this includes the target work, the conception, the budget preparation and its control, research, the selection and negotiation with the various cooperation partners from AZ (e.g.: Location, caterer, side events, CI-compliant stationery, shuttle and any giveaways), scheduling and monitoring, as well as communication and briefings. The most important thing, however, is the accompaniment and support during the wedding or the event itself. Knowing that professionals act in your interests, who know the central theme of the event, are the contact person for you and your guests and always have a plan B, sometimes C, in their pockets, contributes significantly to a relaxed party for you.

    The post-processing, billing, feedback is also part or can be part of our service. This is always not possible due to the costs – we know that: of course, we also offer partial packages in exceptional cases.

    The sooner the better! Preparation takes time and the more you and we have for it, the more guaranteed success is. So don’t be afraid to ask early enough and talk to us.

    Our very good network, which has grown over the years, and the experience of our team allows us to draw on the full: whether it’s targets, motto selection, location scouting, as well as the many, many details that lead to a successful event: you can pursue your activities in a relaxed manner , we coordinate with you and take care of everything else! Let yourself be surprised by our ideas and suggestions!