At this point I am pleased to show some examples of the so kind words of bridal couples, parents and also guests from home, – & abroad may show

Dear Doris, I wanted to write and thank you again for the tremendous effort you made in giving my daughter her dream wedding! As her father is Austrian by birth, but not recently a resident, the idea of planning and orchestrating a family destination wedding half a world away was absolutely daunting until we found you. Your superb connections to support staff like artist cosmetologist, photographers, florists and your knowledge of extraordinary venues for hosting special dinners, celebrations and ceremonies helped create an experience that will be remembered by our family and closest friends as one of the most special weekends of our lives. You anticipated needs that we did not predict and seamlessly filled in the gaps for the most perfect decorations, foods and experience. Your gentle suggestions helped inspire my daughter's vision and bring it to fruition. Honestly I can not imagine a wedding coordinator more organized, dependable, patient and encouraging, despite several postponements (due to the global pandemic). You always helped us quickly formulate a fabulous plan B when things beyond our control occurred. We thank you for your professional and loving care. If there is ever anything our family can do for you, please do not hesitate to ask. With great appreciation,

"This beautiful bride and handsome groom were to have an exquisite wedding in Austria at the Kirchenwirt Hotel, fully planned by Doris Wallner. For two years our attempts were unsuccessful due to the virus. Every moment of the day was planned to perfection with thoughtfulness and caring. We placed our trust in the loving hands of a stranger, who now feels more like family. The graciousness and respect for our family was amazing, not only from Ms. Wallner, but Kirchenwirt Hotel owners and staff. For any bride to have such a lovely wedding is what dreams are made of. It is with these beautiful memories of a day that was to be, I send this message. Our very sincere gratitude to Doris for her kindness, exceptional planning and her friendship. So with hopes for an anniversary celebration in Austria at Hotel Kirchenwirt and hugs for Doris, we encourage you to plan your international or national wedding with someone who excels in perfection. Thank you Doris ❤️ "

Hello Doris! Our dream was always a winter wedding. While searching for a suitable location in the mountains, we quickly realized that this would not be an easy undertaking. On top of that, we were actually already way too late for the special date, 2/22/2022, that we picked. But then we also kept coming across wedding planners in our search. At first, we thought that a wedding planner would probably be quite expensive. In our private environment, no one had ever hired a wedding planner either. We knew wedding planners more from big cities or from television. In addition, we wanted to get married in a very, very small circle and we had the idea that this would make a lot of things easier. After some back and forth, we finally decided to try a wedding planner. We now consulted the internet specifically for wedding planners and our choice fell very quickly on you Doris. Decisive for the decision were the region in which you operate, your internet presence and on the photos you were likeable to us. After an initial conversation, we felt confirmed in our decision and we were glad to have sought support. After clarifying the key points, the wedding preparations went very relaxed for us. We only had to choose from a number of possibilities - location, hotel, social program, etc.. The hairdresser and the florist - really reliable and good partners of yours Doris - were only provided with photos of what we had in mind. The only things we really had to take care of on our own were our outfit and the rings. Thank you for the perfect organization, support and your commitment! I would hire you again as a wedding planner anytime. The extra cost of having a wedding planner will be more than compensated for by a stress-free preparation time. The experience and contacts that a wedding planner has will save you a lot of time and possible hassle. We look forward to meeting you again on our next visit to Pinzgau. Love greetings

Dear Doris,
the after wedding party on Friday was very funny and very different from our wedding in Salzburg, but also very, very nice. Nevertheless, we noticed how much we missed you and how pleasant it was that we didn't have to worry about anything at the wedding. That was different at the party, of course. 😉

You gave us a dream wedding.

We cannot describe how glad we are that you accompanied us through the entire preparation phase and on our big day. It was an indescribably beautiful, emotional and perfectly organized wedding.

All the guests were speechless. We didn't have to worry about anything all day, it's priceless.

Quote from Papa Anna: “To be completely honest, at first I thought they were going to get their money out of the window. But only then did I see what kind of effort a wedding means and what you have to think about. Doris has a plan B or even a plan C for everything. She has put together an “all-round carefree package” for everyone involved! Without you, the day would never have been so perfect and smooth. We hug you and would immediately marry "with you" again.

With you and your sovereign competence at my side, I would also marry again!😉😇🥰 Thank you for your patience, time, advice and dedication! Without you my "Jagatee" cakes 🎂 would not have arrived so great at the celebration. You are just an angel! Continued success!!!

Dear Doris,
we are already on our way to Venice and are happy like garden gnomes. Thank you very much for giving us the most beautiful day of our life. It's all so unreal and hard to grasp. We just talk about those unforgettable moments all the time. Thank you thank you thank you! We look forward to seeing you again soon!

GLG and a big hug

During the first dance with my new husband, he said to me, "This day is more perfect than we could have ever imagined!" We simply cannot thank Doris enough for helping us create the most magical ceremony in the most magical location! She arranged a celebrant that gave us such a special & intimate ceremony; a 4 piece band that performed our chosen blues songs, & many others, perfectly; and a photographer that captured all the love & emotion that was our day. She worked together with my mum when possible & made planning an Austrian wedding whilst living in Australia not only possible, but perfect too.

Thank you soooooo much!

Dear Doris!
I would like to thank you again for your many helpful tips, advice and professional knowledge in our wedding planning. It's a shame that we only found out so late that you were a wedding planner. Nevertheless, these tips were very, very helpful! I can only recommend to every bride and groom to let you support them. There are far too many things that you almost forget when organizing your own wedding or that you find it very difficult to find time for.

Thank you again and best regards

Dear Doris, our wedding was very special. But if we hadn't had you, this one would never have been so dreamlike. Thank you for making our wedding such a fantastic day. We enjoyed every minute. Thank you for the perfect competent organization, the great flow on the day of the wedding. It was an indescribably beautiful, emotional day and everything was just right. The planning with you was a lot of fun. You were always there for us, day and night. Merci for everything !!!!! We wish you all the best for the future. Feel pressed. 🙂

Dear Doris,
After the wonderful impressions and experiences of the last few days have sagged a bit, we would like to take the opportunity to say thank you very much! Not only the organization but also or especially the recommendation from the individual professionals made it an unforgettable experience! We look forward to seeing you again in July! Feel depressed - you are a star! "

Dear Doris! Many many thanks for the great planned wedding, for your organization and for your spontaneity and flexibility. I know, we or I were not always so simple 🙈 Thank you for being part of our day you stood by my side like this. I probably would have been lost without you. I felt very well taken care of 😊 It was a great wedding and we have you to thank for that 😘

Doris made our wedding day amazing and stress free. She had everything covered so we didn't have to worry about anything, either in the lead up to the wedding or the day itself. She thought of everything down to the small details which meant the day was perfect from start to finish. Thanks to Doris our wedding day was exactly what we wanted and really was perfect for us. Thank you Doris ♥♥

Dear Doris, we would like to officially thank you again. You planned our wedding weekend with so much care and love and it more than paid off. Everything was really great and we will look back on our days in Leogang and Austria for a very long time. All of my friends and family keep commenting about the wonderful job that the wedding planner did. You definitely went "above and beyond" THANKS! Sincerly

Hi Doris! Thanks for everything..YOU MADE IT !!! Congratulations, too! Dear Doris! Nice to know you! It was a BIG surprise for all of us. Nicole being our only daughter, is so much delighted so with my husband and I to have you as a Wedding Planner for her and Andreas BIG event in Leogang, Salzburg. The selected venues in Kirchenwirt and Priesteregg were just perfect, too! Nicole's dream came true. You planned and helped her together the best ideas you ever had. Congratulations for the job well done.IT'S WORTH !! It was something extra SPECIAL and such memorables days .. Cheers! Josette & Josef Berger Vienna

We decided on a wedding planner because we are both very busy at work. We deliberately hired a wedding planner from Pinzgau, as she knows the locations and service providers on site very well and can draw on a good network. Ms. Wallner Doris from Saalfelden is a certified, longstanding wedding planner and chairwoman of the association "Ausbildunge Österreichische Hochzeitsplaner". Already at the first meeting she proved her professionalism and was able to convince us with her wealth of ideas. The chemistry was right from the start. We commissioned Doris with the overall planning and as master of ceremonies. In the planning phase, Doris recorded our personal ideas and wishes with a great feeling for the essentials down to the smallest detail and then implemented them. She always kept an eye on budget planning. Your network of professional service providers helped us a lot to ensure that this special day will not be forgotten. The focus has always been on individuality - designed authentically and uniquely for us! No one has been initiated into the exact course of the celebration. This saved us a lot of different opinions, advice and specifications in the run-up to the design. We were particularly pleased about the call from Doris on the evening before the civil wedding when she asked how we were and gave us a relaxing night before the big day has wished. We felt that she was with us mentally. On the day of the wedding, Doris made sure that the ceremony and the celebration that followed went smoothly and in an atmospheric way. She and her assistant skilfully and unobtrusively pulled the strings in the background. This has created a very relaxed atmosphere for us and our guests. We enjoyed the celebration very much because we knew that we could rely on Doris in all matters. We look back fondly on the wonderful hours we spent planning with Doris and on the wonderful civil wedding at Mittersill Castle. We are already looking forward to the preparations our church wedding next year - with Doris, of course! What we particularly appreciate about Doris: her experience, her talent for organization, her wealth of ideas, her accuracy and her empathy. Thank you for everything,

Good morning Doris, it was so lovely to meet with you last week in Austria. Thank you so much for taking the time. I can't believe how you managed to get a man so interested and excited about wedding planning !! Although I think the helicopter option had a lot to do with it !! We were incredibly impressed with your work and have no doubt you are the right person to handle our wedding planning.

Dear Doris, as Mr & Mrs, we have returned to our everyday lives, and we still often dream of our indescribably beautiful wedding. We never thought that a wedding could be so relaxed ... but you made it possible, the day was unique! Your tireless efforts during the months of planning and on the big day were great. You made sure that we could really enjoy our big day with family and friends, it was an unforgettable celebration for everyone and far exceeded all expectations. One thing is certain: it was the best decision to place the wedding in your hands with confidence, THANK YOU !!! All the best,

Dearest Doris, first of all, thank you very much for the amazing gift from you. We are back to everyday life and there is no time for anything. But every now and then, we think back to the wonderful wedding. It exceeded our expectations - it was a really great experience for us - also thanks to you. Thank you very much for the flawless organization on your part, your sympathetic appearance and organization and in general we were or are happy to have chosen you as a partner. We have almost opened your food package - it was very tasty and we just love Austrian cuisine. At the weekend we are at the trade fair in Salzburg for the last time this year - then it was for us - the last time Austria for this year. Maybe we will meet again someday - but hopefully for a different reason 😉 We like Leogang and the regions around it very much - it will certainly not be long before we meet again. Best regards, good luck with your wedding couple and best regards

Good morning dear Doris, I would like to give you great praise for your commitment yesterday. You have mastered everything so perfectly and were very present and well organized AND noticeably with heart in the matter. We felt very, very comfortable in your "hands & thus in the hands of the bride and groom". thank you very much Friederike & Dietmar

Thank you thank you thank you!

We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making our "most beautiful day" such a wonderful day! You were absolutely right, there are so many little things and of course also big problems that only appear during the festival and which, as the "main protagonist", it is impossible to get a grip on yourself without significantly disrupting the course of the festival. So you managed to keep all these problems away with a friendly smile and to solve them confidently. We didn't notice that much of your commitment in all the preparations (decoration, etc.) because you managed it perfectly, but we will probably always remember your hard work during the photo shoot. To jump around tirelessly in the heat and stress and to be in a good mood at the same time, that is an unbelievable achievement! Thank you for helping us so easily! The subsequent wedding was also smooth, atmospheric and absolutely stress-free for us. No problem was brought to us - everything went like clockwork. The musicians you organized for us were an absolute hit!

But that was clear anyway - a recommendation from you - you can really be relied on 100%!

The rest of the holiday went like clockwork thanks to your help; even the strong thunderstorm was celebrated by our guests as a great contribution and the change of location from the terrace to the coach house worked great. It was just wonderful! Thanks to your talent for organization, we had nothing more to do the next day than to put all the gifts, flowers and the remaining decorations in the cars and recover from this great day. Dear Doris, thank you very much for this wonderful, unforgettable day! We would be really happy if we keep in touch and hope that you and your family had a relaxing holiday. Get in touch when you have time !!! The very best greetings from Salzburg, your happy married couple

Greetings dear Mrs. Wallner, What I have wanted to write to you for ages, but unfortunately never got around to it: They made the celebration beautiful. Kudos. I have never experienced anything so well organized. And that with this F Ü L L E ! Mom and I talked about it for weeks after. Again and again we thought of something that was called up once again in our thoughts. Everything was really perfect!!!!! Thanks also once again for organizing my hairdresser. She was quite adorable and really did my hair and make up beautifully. Praise God for that. I love this photo very much. I thought it was so beautiful how you came down from up there with mom. Everything looked so peaceful in the beautiful autumn sun. This picture is synonymous for me how I experienced the whole wedding - from heart to heart. Dear Ms Wallner, You are welcome to use my enthusiasm for your tireless and truly exquisite efforts for the 110 year celebration (10 year wedding anniversary and at the same time church wedding + 2 x 50th birthday of bride and groom) of my sister for your homepage. I would give ten for possible ten points would there be an external evaluation. (What you can not know: the - let's call it once WEDDING of my sister - was about one of about 70 wedding parties to which I was invited. I have really seen a lot). But never allowed to experience something so great in this topic.

Hi Doris, I want to thank you very much for the wonderful wedding planning & help you gave Rachel & Martin! The whole weekend was wonderful! Your attention to detail was spot on. I do not think we could have enjoyed our daughter's wedding more! You are a true professional 😊 Many, many, many thanks

Dear Doris, On the morning of January 9th 2016 as I sat there thinking about the day and how it would be, I felt pure excitement knowing that every hope and wish we put into our fairy-tale wedding was about to come true. Not only was it the most amazing, worry free day, but it was beyond our every expectation! I can't begin to express how thankful I am for all that you did and the hard work you put into making it so wonderful. In the very beginning I feared the stress and anxiety of trying to plan a wedding from one country to another. I knew that we would need someone we could trust to help us plan our special day. After our first visit, I felt confident knowing that you understood exactly what we wanted and would make sure that our dream wedding would be perfect. You made that day more than special for us both, but also for our families who attended. Thank you so much for everything, I will never forget just how special our wedding day was! Kimberly Dobretsberger

Dear Ms. Wallner, Please accept my apologies for not getting back to you in such a long time. I would also like to thank you once again for your effort, 150% commitment from you and your team. All their recommendations such as florist, patisserie, div. Music, fireworks, laser show, coachman, photo & videographer, hairdresser, graphics, etc. were absolutely reliable, with a lot of commitment to the implementation of our wishes. But the decoration was really, really nice. The desired mood and ambience was absolutely achieved, more was not possible. Mr. Sepp Altenberger was also very proud of his Kraller Alm. It was all very coherent. I really did not see the edges of the tablecloths as you predicted. The place cards, table names and menu cards were also beautifully designed really all very coherent with attention to detail. It was extremely pleasant not to have to worry about anything. We get only positive feedback. Unfortunately, I'm not really fit yet, so everything a bit shorter. Sincere thanks to you and to all who have contributed to this beautiful celebration Yours Sonja Dreisow

Dear Doris,
thank you for everything. We enjoyed our wonderful wedding soooo, it was the best day in our life - everything went perfectly, the weather cooperated and the guests were happy and satisfied. We were both totally relaxed and could enjoy the party more than 100%.

It was like a dream and even better, we and all guests were happy! The only downside was that those 24 hours went by way too quickly. Thank you for your great help & all the best